Catch up with WPK founder Alex Capshaw-Taylor at TNNA at the F+W Media booth #367 on Saturday from 1-2pm. You can also catch her knitting at the Marriott Marquis (next to the convention center)  on Friday and the Renaissance Hotel (next to the convention center) Saturday night. Stop by and say hi!

Staff writer Hannah Thiessen will also be out and about the showroom floor collecting info at TNNA from designers and shop owners for her next Tuesday Tips article. Be sure to stop her if you have some thoughts to share for the upcoming post. Her next topic will be “To Paper or Not To Paper”.

We want to hear your experiences with selling paper patterns in local yarn stores! What choices do you make when printing your patterns that you believe makes them stand out? How do you expect LYSOs to display them, and have you noticed major differences in patterns that sell well digitally vs. physically?



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