SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair)

The following are rates for SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair).


—Posted 22 September 2016—

Year of Conference/Festival/Retreat: 2013

 Is your class… Knit
Type of class: Technique with a project
How much were you paid per class hour? $400 per day
Select Currency of payment
Were you paid: other
Did you receive any other compensation in addition to class fee? I was reimbursed for air fare, lodging, and got a $50 per diem for food. I taught at SAFF 2009-2013, and 2015. Sometimes the festival arranged and paid for the lodging, sometimes I arranged and paid and was reimbursed a set amount.
How many hours was your class? 6 hours
How many students were in your class? 11-15
Was your class…a response to a call for proposals
Relationship with Company: ongoing/pre-existing relationship
Were you paid according to the terms of your agreement? Yes
Did you have a written contract? Yes
Did you negotiate your contract terms? No, was happy with contract as presented
How far did you travel? more than 350 miles
How did you travel? Fly

Who was responsible for arranging travel? Teacher

How were travel fees paid? I paid the bill, fees were reimbursed 100%

Did you stay overnight? Yes

Type of accommodations: hotel, private room

Who was responsible for arranging accommodations? 

  • Conference/Festival/Retreat
  • Teacher

How were accommodation fees paid? The conference/festival paid the bill directly

Were you given a per diem for food and/or other expenses? Yes

How many meals were included? a set amount of $50 per day

Type of classroom: cubical on show floor
Classroom included: 

  • chairs, moveable
  • electricty
  • extension cord
  • internet connection
How were material fees handled? Show collected fees and reimbursed me.
How were handouts handled? Teacher is responsible for printing handouts.
Does the show provide class feedback? Yes
What publicity was provided by the company? 

  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Company Website
Would you work with this company again? Yes
How would you rate your experience with this company? 5/5
Anything else you would like others to know about your experience with this company?  I loved every time I taught at SAFF. It’s a marvelous festival, in a beautiful location.