Michigan Fiber Festival

The following are rates for the Michigan Fiber Festival.


—Posted 22 September 2016—

Year of Conference/Festival/Retreat: 2013
Is your class… Knit
Type of class: Technique with a project
How much were you paid per class hour? $350 per day
Were you paid: other
Did you receive any other compensation in addition to class fee? I was reimbursed $400 for travel expenses, was offered motel lodging, but I stayed with relatives, and was given food vouchers for each day I taught
How many hours was your class? 6 hours
How many students were in your class? 11-15
Was your class… a response to a call for proposals
Relationship with Company: ongoing/pre-existing relationship
Were you paid according to the terms of your agreement? Yes
Did you have a written contract? Yes
Did you negotiate your contract terms? No, was happy with contract as presente
How far did you travel? more than 350 miles
How did you travel?
  • Drive
  • Fly
Who was responsible for arranging travel? Teacher
How were travel fees paid? I paid the bill, fees were reimbursed 100%


Did you stay overnight? Yes

Type of accommodations: private home

Who was responsible for arranging accommodations? Teacher

How were accommodation fees paid? The conference/festival paid the bill directly

Were you given a per diem for food and/or other expenses? No

How many meals were included? lunch vouchers each day I taught

Type of classroom: table in communal room

Classroom included:

  • access to light switches
  • chairs, moveable
  • electricty
  • extension cord
  • internet connection
How were material fees handled? I collected fees in class.
How were handouts handled? Teacher is responsible for printing handouts.
Does the show provide class feedback? Yes

What publicity was provided by the company? 

  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Company Website
Would you work with this company again? Yes
How would you rate your experience with this company? 5/5
Anything else you would like others to know about your experience with this company? (Please keep comments constructive and civil. Personal attacks will not be posted.) I taught at MFF for 4 years and enjoyed each time. It’s a lovely festival.