Independent Dyer – Tech Editor

The following are rates for Independent Dyers.


—Posted 6 May 2016—

Did you edit: A knit design

How were you paid? Hourly

What is your hourly rate? 30GBP (approx $43.28 at time of posting)

Do you bill in: Quarter-hours

Were you paid according to the terms of your agreement? Yes

Relationship with company: ongoing/pre-existing relationship

Did you have a written contract?  No

Did you negotiate your contract terms? No

Was the complexity of the pattern taken into account when determining your fee?

Approximate amount of time spent editing: 9 hours

Type of Design: Sweater- Cardigan/Pullover

Primary stitch used in design: Knit/Purl Motif

How many sizes did you edit? 10

Did you edit: A Written Pattern

What services did you provide for this job? Full technical edit, including all stages of proofs and every aspect of the pattern; Drawing schematics and diagrams using Illustrator or another program; Full pattern writing from a sketch and a swatch.

Would you work with this company again? Yes

How would you rate your experience with this company? 5/5