Vogue Knitting/SoHo Publishing

The following are rates for Vogue Knitting/SoHo Publishing.


—Posted 21 April 2016—

Year of Publication: 2015

How much were you paid by a flat fee (in USD)?: $200

How much did you gross in royalties in the first year of the design’s release (in US Dollars)? (if N/A enter 0): $0

Was your sample returned?: No

Were you paid in a timely fashion?: Yes

Relationship with company: ongoing/pre-existing relationship

Did you have a written contract?: Yes

Did you negotiate your contract terms?: No

Briefly describe your royalty payments: 10% of online sales to be calculated annually

What best describes the rights you granted this company? Company retains all rights (rights never revert back to me).

Who was responsible for the following:

Yarn Support – Company

Sample – Designer

Grading – Company

Tech Editing – Company

Photography – Company

Layout – Company

Customer Support – Company

Yardage of sample: up to 250yds [229m]

Weight of yarn used in sample: Worsted

Type of design: Hat

Primary stitch used in the design: Knit/Purl Motif

Would you work with this company again?: Yes

How would you rate your experience with this company? 4/5