Cast On Magazine/TKGA

The following are rates for Cast On Magazine/TKGA.



—Posted 28 March 2019—

Year of Publication: 2018

Type of design: Sweater- Cardigan/Pullover

Is your design: Knit

How much were you paid by a flat fee?: $200

How much did you gross in royalties in the first year of the design’s release? (if N/A enter N/A): N/A

Was your design: a response to a call for submissions

Was your sample returned?: Yes

Were you paid according to the terms of your agreement?: Yes

Relationship with company: first time working with company

Did you have a written contract?: Yes

Did you negotiate your contract terms?: No, was happy with contract as presented

Briefly describe your royalty payments: Paid (promptly) after publication

What best describes the rights you granted this company? Rights revert back to me after 10-12 months.

Who was responsible for the following:

Yarn Support – Company

Sample – Designer

Grading – Designer

Tech Editing –  Company

Photography – Company

Layout – Company

Customer Support – Company

Yardage of sample: 500-750yds [458-686m]

Weight of yarn used in sample: DK

Primary stitch used in the design:Knit/Purl Motif

How many sizes did you grade: 4

Would you work with this company again?: Yes

How would you rate your experience with this company? Not provided

Anything else?: Very cooperative; works with knitter to ensure you’re happy with yarn/sample size since you’re getting the sample back